Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I did not watch Wowowie tv show

It seems that the overall level of intelligence will be lowered when you watch this tv show. If I did catch it public places or buses, I only do intently focus on it when the sexily clad dancers do their thing. Anyways, here is a series of questions and the funny or smart answers the emcee participants have dissed out. (Translated from Tagalog.)

  1. If those who eat greens are called vegetarians, what do you call those who eat humans?
  2. Ans. humanitarian!
  3. What are Michael and Raphael?
    Ans. Ninjas

  4. In what country most Hindus come from?
    Ans. Hindunesia!

  5. What do you take out from an egg before you cook them?
    Ans. Hair! (expecting the "shell")

  6. If H20 is water, what is CO2?
    Ans. Cold water!

  7. Complete the sentence: Beauty is in the eye of the ____? Ans. Tiger! (Beholder is the right answer!)

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