Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Digital Explorations blog is suffering from a WP Super Cache bug.

When I put the url in the address bar of the browser, I only get a blank page! Here is the contents of the blank page with the comment delimiters removed:
Page not cached by WP Super Cache. Blank Page. Check output buffer usage by plugins. Page not cached by WP Super Cache. No closing HTML tag. Check your theme.
Yet when I go to a specific post like,that post just shows up fine! Going to settings of the plugins, I get this one for WP Super Cache:
Permlink Structure Error A custom url or permalink structure is required for this plugin to work correctly. Please go to the Permalinks Options Page to configure your permalinks.
I wanted to remove the WP Super Cache plugin but it does not appear in the list of installed plugins! We have an unhappy future days trying to fix this WP Super Cache problem. I am currently reading the exchanges at

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