Thursday, January 27, 2011

Game 45 Miami Heat vs New York Knicks and Game 46 Miami Heat vs Detroit Pistons

Starting with this post, I will stop recreating the scores tables and just provide links to the necessary information. The disadvantage is that when the original holders of infomation decide to discontinue access to the information, we will be left with dead links.
But we need our energy badly back for more productive ends.

Game 46: Miami Heat vs Detroit Pistons.

Wade was out with a sprained wrist and Bosh still has not returned from injury.
That did not deter the Miami Heat to eke out a one point win over the Detroit Pistons.


Further Readings.

Miami Herald

Current record: 32-14

Game 45: Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks. Miami cannot win without Bosh?

The Miami Heat, missing Chris Bosh and Wade, playing with googles due to migraines, suffered a loss to the New York Knicks


Further readings:
Boston Herald

Current record: 31-14

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