Thursday, January 13, 2011

Game 40: Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Clippers

The prospects of meeting the Miami Heat did not faze the Los Angeles Clippers, instead inspiring them to do their best to hand the Heat a rare loss, jumping on them on the very first period, earning 44 points with a comfortable cushion 18 points at the end of the period. The Heat tried to trim down the deficit but were unable to eke out a win over the Clips.

The loss was a setback to the Heat attempt to lengthen the 13 road wins.

Though the San Antonio Spurs may have the best record in the NBA, we enjoy tracking the games of the Heat. The team boasts of a proven star in Wade who is now joined by James and Bosh. The Heatś game is exciting and they look VULNERABLE. The win should energize the Clippers who currently stands at position 13, third from the bottom rankings in the Western Conference.

This loss should not disappoint Heat fans, once a while a rare loss should make the team conscious always of performing at its best and should humble the Heat into NOT taking any team lightly.

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Here is statistics for the Miami superstars:

Player FG 3Pt FT Reb Ast TO Stl Pts
D. Wade 12-22 1-4 6-7 7 5 1 1 31
L.James 11-24 3-6 2-5 8 6 3 0 27
C.Bosh 6-17 1-3 13-14 13 4 1 0 26

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Final Scoreboard:
Team Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4Total
Miami Heat 26 32 20 27 105
Los Angeles Clippers 44241825111

History of Miami Heat Games
Game OpponentScoreWin-Loss
1Boston Celtics lost 80-880-1
2Philadelphia 76érs won 97-981-1
3Orlando Magic won 96-702-1
4New Jersey Nets won 101-783-1
5Minnesota TimberwolvesWon 129-97 4-1
6New Jersey Nets won 101-895-1
7New Orleans Hornetslost 93-96 5-2
8Utah Jazzlost 116-114 5-3
9Boston Celticslost 112-1075-4
10Toronto Raptorswon 109-1006-4
11Phoenix Sunswon 123-967-4
12Charlotte Bobcatswon 95-878-4
13Memphis Grizzlies lost 95-978-5
14Indiana Pacers lost 77-938-6
15Orlando Magic lost 95-1048-7
16Philadelphia 76ers won 99-909-7
17Dallas Mavericks lost 90-999-8
18Washington Wizardswon 105-9410-8
19Detroit Pistonswon 97-7211-8
20Cleveland Cavalierswon 118-9012-8
21Atlanta Hawkswon 89-7713-8
22Milwaukee Buckswon 88-7814-8
23Utah Jazzwon 111-9815-8
24Goden State Warriors won 106-8416-8
25Sacramento Kingswon 104-8317-8
26New Orleans Hornetswon 96-8418-8
27Cleveland Cavalierswon 101-9519-8
28New York Knickswon 113-9120-8
29Washington Wizardswon 95-9321-8
30Dallas Maverickslost 96-9821-9
31Phoenix Sunswon 95-8322-9
32Los Angeles Lakerswon 95-8323-9
33New York Knickswon 106-9824-9
34Houston Rocketswon 125-11925-9
35Golden State Warriorswon 114-10426-9
36Charlotte Bobcatswon 96-8227-9
37Milwaukee Buckswon 101-8928-9
38Milwaukee Buckswon 101-9529-9
39Portland Trailblazerswon 107-10030-9
40Los Angeles Clipperslost 105-11130-10

Next Opponent: Denver Nuggets, Jan 13, 10:30 EST

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