Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gadgets: cool off with a handy evaporative water mist spray cooler!

One can feel the cooling effect of a moist towel when the water evaporates. Here is a gadget which may come close to that effect, an inexpensive water mist spray cooler! I saw it at National Book Store, in Gaisano mall yesterday Sep. 21, 2012. It will set you back at 130 pesos.

Unfortunately, it cannot produce a fine spray all the time and you can make enemies if you use it publicly, since droplets may be too large. To have more effective cooling fun with this, you should spray a little distance away from your body. The purpose is not to wet the body but to allow the water spray to evaporate. It might be better to take a full shower bath to really cool off.This gadget will make a fine conversation piece. You may have more success with a converted perfume spray bottle.

You will enjoy being a young kid spraying your kids or wife or husband, but dont bet on doing it for a long time. The anger effect may be faster and stronger than the cooling effect you will get from this device in these days of 35+ simmering temperatures.

Recommendation. buy only if you dont feel the pain of spending 130 pesos!

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