Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gadgets: 8-in-one pen type screwdriver from National Book store.

I bought this 8-in-one pen type screwdriver from National Book Store. When I opened the package only four screwdriver tips got out. I was about to get mad when I peeked and saw that four tips were stuck up inside the barrel.

The tips are magnetically held in the tip holder but it may still be easy to lose some of the tips. It may fall out and drop nowhere. This tool will set you back for 104 pesos.

I think it is not good to put this in your pocket though as it may sag your shirt pocket due to its weight.


CDR King provides various styles of multi-tip screwdrivers with more convenient case. One model even has an LED flashlight, which was sold also in NBS. Even sidewalk vendors might sell them. What to be sure of is that they should not cost more than 200 pesos.

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