Monday, December 21, 2009

Tiger Woods saga: dec 21 updates

No major news services seem to be carrying NEW Tiger Woods stories. But then, by the time they print them, the stories have grown "old" and tired.
Thanks to Google and the Internet we carry out, hopefully infrequently now, stories on Tiger Woods. Even Yahoo is in the game hunting for Woods stories.


  1. Woods was photographed drunk and naked in a hotel room

  2. Tiger Woods was photographed naked by one of
    his mistresses after passing out drunk in a hotel room,
    it has been claimed.

  3. thecelebritycafe: Tiger to slip to a vacation in the Bahamas?

  4. Tiger Woods yacht "Privacy" reportedly is docked and ready to sail away? The boat has reportedly left Florida!

  5. Tiger Woods home visited by Florida's Department of Children and Families.

  6. Rumors abound that Tiger Woods is under investigation by child welfare services just because someone from the agency visits!

  7. Tiger Woods loved visiting strip joints

  8. Tiger Woods would even pretend to be a "virgin" to strip clubs.

  9. Uchitel escapes to Florida?

  10. Rachel Uchitel reportedly escapes to Florida?? It would be a stupid act of Tiger if he invited her to vacation in the Bahamas!
    Actually she drops by the house of her socialite mother who lives nearby.

    And for a little amusement:
  11. The Hangover' director wants Tiger Woods for sequel!

  12. The first Hangover film featured the disgraced boxer Mike tyson.

There are fewer visitors today to Tiger Woods updates.Maybe the news on Tiger Woods is indeed quieting down, or the people have gone on to other interesting news like Britanny Murphy. I also suspect it is the timing of the release. Maybe it is too early in the evening in the Philippines.?

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