Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Of course the President cares! what were you thinking?

Just after lifting martial law in Magguindanao, our ever glorious president slipped out of the country to visit Copenhagen, Denmark for the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change)climate meeting. Yet on the most important day when decisions have to be made, she slipped out again not to Albay to give comfort to people in evacuation centers from restive Mayon volcano, but to Hongkong which is only two hours to give comfort to her grandchildren. In this administration, family comes first! You understand?

Those complaining about the president's priorities are moronic, laconic or just plain idiotic. Why? It is not absolutely necessary for the president to be present in Albay! just as it was not necessary for the president to be present in a joint session of Congress when debates about martial law were loud. Is that CLEAR? and also LOUD?

Why not dip your fingers into government perks while there is still time until the May 2010 elections? See? The scandals do not affect our ever glorious Gloria from performing her sworn duty to protect the constitution; scandals like the ZTE, NBN, Northrail, fertilizer to Hello Garci,to nema only a few!. The president is above all!! Remember that! A lot of things can happen and there might be events requiring martial law again! The president has the right to interpret the constitution, do you hear?!! Just the presence of a "looming" rebellion is enough!! Tell that to the old senators Salonga and other irksome troublemakers. Even the supreme court is still silent on their petitions which is absolutely without merit!
So to those critics who are destroying the spirit of Christmas, shut up!

Visit the site Scandals for a laundry list of rumors about this cute and glorious administration./>

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